About The Authors

NIKKI ATTREE studied photography at the University of London, graduating with a BA in 1987, before going on to work as a freelance photographer and digital artist in the UK. You can view her work on her website:  Since moving to Tenerife in 2007, she has been helping to promote the hardworking animal rescue centres there by producing calendars and educational poster campaigns. Her website: TenerifeDogs.blogspot.co.uk is dedicated to finding homes for the island’s abandoned dogs, as well as being a mine of information and an insight into the canine world. Despite being disadvantaged at school by mild dyslexia and a woefully un-supportive English teacher, she has recently discovered an unexpected passion for writing. After years of feeling like a mobile Christmas tree or a heavily laden donkey, with state-of-the-art cameras and flash guns dangling from her every limb, it is refreshing for Nikki to do something creative without needing to be weighed down by tons of the very latest technology.

RICHARD ATTREE grew up in London in the 60’s and left home as soon as he could to study a variety of useless subjects (philosophy), and play keyboards in various unsuccessful bands. For the next 25 years he made his living (sometimes sporadically) as a composer of music for TV, working at the BBC’s renowned Radiophonic Workshop before going freelance with his own studio near Brighton. To hear some of his music visit his website: www.AttreeMusic.com. Tiring of the stresses of freelance life he decided to retire, sell up, and “downshift” to a sunny, windy beach on The Reef (Tenerife). Despite working for most of his life as a musician, Richard has always hankered after the straightforward, direct communication of language when struggling with the complexities of producing electronic music or hauling tons of keyboards up several flights of stairs. Retiring from the music business has given him the opportunity to get to grips with writing, as well as indulge in his other lifelong passion: windsurfing, which he and Nikki discovered together in the mid 80’s and which has intervened heavily in their lives since.To read about their windsurfing adventures, and life on the Reef, check out their blog: http://lifeonthereef.blogspot.com/

GIZMO was abandoned on the mean streets of Tenerife when he was one year old, and spent some time in the Accion-del-Sol refuge, before being adopted by Nikki and Richard. The first step on his meteoric rise to stardom came when he took over the role of spokes-mutt for Nikki’s website: TenerifeDogs.com. One of his first tasks was to be the poster pooch for Accion-del-Sol’s educational program. This involved visiting local schools, telling the children about the plight of stray mutts in Tenerife, and teaching them how to look after their pets properly. Before you could say “wag a tail” he’d been signed up by Island Connections newspaper to be their intrepid news hound, doggedly sniffing out the breaking news and giving the pooch perspective in his regular column: ‘Life According to Gizmo (It’s a Dog’s Life)’. After graduating with a diploma from the Star Agility class, he decided to share his story with a wider public by enlisting Nikki and Richard to ghost-write his first book: ‘Nobody’s Poodle’. You can find his posters, read his articles, and catch up with all the news about the book on www.NobodysPoodle.com as well as follow him on his Facebook page: Snr Gizmo. Besides his many other accomplishments Gizmo is an expert in woofing, sniffing, digging, chasing cats, siestas, and looking cute.

About the Illustrator Annie Chapman

Annie trained in Graphic design and illustration as well as Art and drama. She is originally from Lincolnshire in England but has spent over 20 years living and working in Tenerife and has worked as the principal Art teacher at a private British school in Tenerife for the past ten years, where she teaches art up to A-level. She has exhibited her artwork on the island and has illustrated two published books. Although primarily a cat-person Annie has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Gizmo and his friends and is 100% pooch-friendly.

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