Links mentioned in Nobody’s Poodle:

TenerifeDogs – Nikki’s wooftastic website promoting the dog refuges in Tenerife and helping to find homes for abandoned pooches:

DoodleMania (info about the Lab-Doodle breed):

Island Connections – the Tenerife newspaper that signed up Gizmo to be their intrepid news hound, doggedly sniffing out the breaking news and giving the pooch perspective in his regular column: ‘Life According to Gizmo (It’s a Dog’s Life)’:

Gizmo’s FaceBook page

Gizmo’s Twitter page:

The Nobody’s Poodle FaceBook page

Nikki’s digital art and photography website

Richard’s music:

Nikki and Richards blog about Life on The Reef:

Miscellaneous other Nobody’s Poodle links:

A video that explains why we choose the name, Costa del Scorchio:

An article about the authors’ home town: El Medano, that explains why we choose the name El Blowo:
(scroll down till you get to: EL MEDANO TRAVEL ARTICLE – “Tenerife Rocks”, Boards Magazine April 2008)

Dog Refuges in Tenerife:


K9 Tenerife

Tierra Blanca


The Little Dog’s Home

Dog Magazines:

Dogs today

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